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Now replace non working or worn off parts for your games and controller with ease.

Replacement parts

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Replacement Board ribbon...

Replacement ribbon for PS4 Controller dualshock.

If any of the button in your PS4 controllers is not working properly, malfunctioning or if you have to press too hard to get any button to work then just replace this cable and buttons will work like new.

Regular price ₹250.00 Price ₹200.00
14 Pin Power Switch Ribbon... -45.31%
  • -45.31%

14 Pin Power Switch Ribbon...

14 Pin Replacement Ribbon for PlayStation 4 controller, Ideal for replacing the old or broken one for your PS4 controller. This is a repair part for PS4 controller

Just buy this Ribbon and fix your non working controller and your controller starts working again. Soldering skills are not required for the installation, just insert the pin in the socket in your controller.

Regular price ₹437.00 Price ₹239.00
Miscro SD to PSVita Card... -33.66%
  • -33.66%

Miscro SD to PSVita Card...

Easily connect any Micro SD card to your PSVita game slot with this adapter. Seeing that the PSVita card are expensive, We provide this adapter that can run any Micro SD card upto 256 GB on your PSVita.

Regular price ₹750.00 Price ₹497.55
PS4 HDMI Coil Fuse (Pack of 4) -37.59%
  • -37.59%

PS4 HDMI Coil Fuse (Pack of 4)

This is a coil fuse for HDMI port IC protection. It prevents the IC from uneven voltage coming from HDMI. This fuse will be destroyed before any harm is done to the IC. 

If there is no display in your PS4, then you can try replacing this fuse instead of replacing the expensive IC.

Regular price ₹399.00 Price ₹249.00
PS4 Analog Stick Replacement -50.17%
  • -50.17%

PS4 Analog Stick Replacement

 Precision thumbsticks guarantee a superior level of comfort and accuracy. You can Easily replace your old or broken thumbstick.

Regular price ₹299.00 Price ₹149.00
8mm MDF Board 12inch X 12inch -30.3%
  • -30.3%

8mm MDF Board 12inch X 12inch

Medium-density fibreboard is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF is generally denser than plywood.

Regular price ₹99.00 Price ₹69.00
4mm Acrylic Sheet 6inch X... -1.25%
  • -1.25%

4mm Acrylic Sheet 6inch X...

Easy To Cut. Just Scratch with Knife and Bend To Break. Can Be Laser Cut and Easy To Join

Use Super Glue Like Fevi Quick. Easily Available At Any Hardware Store

Ideal for sublimation / arts and crafts /educational model making /construction/ window glass/ home decor designing products/tokens

Our acrylic sheets will come with Protection Film

Regular price ₹80.00 Price ₹79.00