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A3144E Hall Effect Sensor

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A hall-effect sensor as then name suggests works with the principle of hall-effect and is used to detect magnets. Each side of the sensor can detect one particular pole. It can also be easily interfaced with a microcontroller since it works on transistor logic.

So if you are looking for a sensor to detect magnet for measuring speed of a moving object or just to detect objects then this sensor might be the perfect choice for your project. A3144 is a digital output hall sensor, meaning if it detects a magnet the output will go low else the output will remain high.



  1. Digital Output Hall-effect sensor
  2. Operating voltage: 4.5V to 28V (typically 5V)
  3. Output Current: 25mA
  4. Can be used to detect both the poles of a magnet
  5. Output voltage is equal to operating voltage
  6. Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  7. Turn on and Turn off time is 2uS each
  8. Inbuilt reverse polarity protection
  9. Suitable for Automotive and Industrial Applications

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