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12mm Peizo Electric Sensor

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A piezoelectric sensor/element is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect, it is basically a device which converts voltage to vibration and vibration to voltage. It normally comes in handy to measure knock (knock  sensor) or vibration (vibration sensor). 

One can use it to for automation using sounds like footsteps, knock,drum etc. Now a days it is also used extensively in power generation projects e.g. Foot Step Power Generation.


The piezoelectric sensor or Piezo Elements work on the principle of the piezoelectric effect. This effect measures changes in pressure, stain, temperature, acceleration, and force in the form of electrical charge or voltage. The materials which work under piezoelectric effect are piezoelectric crystals, ceramic, bone, some proteins, and DNA.

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1 X 12mm Peizo Electric Sensor

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